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Faggot Conversion and Humiliation

Not all fags are born fags; some must be converted into fagdom. However, all fags hunger for humiliation and degradation. That's what this blog is about. Please note that when I talk about humiliation and degradation of faggots, I'm not talking about feminization; it simply doesn't excite me.

This is what happens when you’re on the losing side in the war games.

Cocklock some faggot and it becomes an insatiable slut, begging to be fucked all day and night, pleading to get its snatch scratched.

Enjoy Your power.

Master was finally home and I couldn’t stop wagging my tail. He patted my head and said “Good Boy” and I felt tingles all over my body. I can’t remember life before Master, I know I had a girlfriend and a high pressure job but little more. Oh, I remember people called me Daddy, guess once you hit forty and have a beard you are considered a Daddy. Then I met him, he was a summer intern in the firm, meant only to be in my life for a few months. The kid was cocky and rough, but bright, so bright I decided to mentor him. Then one night, one fateful night, with too much alcohol, I ended up on my knees sucking my first cock, his. I still don’t know how he did it, I was straight until that moment. Since then he took control of every aspect of my life, he even took my job, and now I serve him, my only worry to follow his orders, I am his fagpet.

Attitude is key 

“Tell me again how you are the boss around here and everyone should respect you. Tell me bitch!” I looked at him unsure what he was asking. Should I stop sucking to talk? “Dumb fag! Moan it as you suck my big black cock! I’m gonna train you according to your real talents. The only question is: are you better at sucking cock or at taking cock in the pussy?”

Fucking throat

So appreciate cock this way...

No merci skullfucking

I exist to be used

Fuck me like the worthless piece of shit I am

why fags exist

You can take it, boy...

That’s my boi; just swallow, it’ll open your fag throat.  No point in trying to resist it; you’re my fag now, and I’m going to use you when and how I choose.

i have accepted my place, i am a loser. here to serve MEN